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#NHSSQUEAKY | Giving Back! | Squeaky Cleaning

Today we have an important message to deliver to all our customers especially those who are a part of the NHS. Due to the recent unfortunate events of the outbreak of the COVID – 19 virus, the circumstance of which we are all experiencing has caused our way of life to be placed at a disadvantage. The widespread of this pandemic has impacted our nation's heroes to be going through major strains upon both their professional and personal lives. The measures that especially NHS staff have to go through make their jobs further distressing.

Thank you! Giving back to our heroes

The nation has displayed a huge amount of support, from restaurants providing the staff with free food and discounts to the people of Britain clapping for our NHS.

This shows that even when we are in not of the best of state we always continue to support and be positive as always.

What is the #NHSSQUEAKY Campaign?

Our announcement is that Squeaky Cleaning is now going to offer to all of our NHS heroes the ones that are on the frontlines of handling the virus we are offering you free window cleaning!

We decided that we also want to be a part of supporting the NHS staff as much as we can.

We are offering everyone 20% OFF all window cleans too!

The second announcement towards all of our other customers who are not a part of the NHS is that there is a huge discount that is running is 20%. Now is the time, to ensure that your windows are clean. Windows over time can have built up dirt and debris, this can make it difficult to remove without proper window cleaning equipment. What our window cleaning services is to ensure that your windows are squeaky clean to ensure your safety by making your windows dirt free from your windows.

Message To all Small and Large Businesses

A message to all of the other small businesses like us come to join the campaign #NHSSQUEAKY and support our NHS staff. This movement provides a constant reminder to our communities to continue to follow the guidelines and help create a positive

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