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COVID-19 Work Place Decontamination Birmingham

Provide your Employees and Visitors

At Squeaky Cleaning we are offering decontamination and disinfection solutions for commercial premises. 

Our combination of experience and qualified technicians within the environmental hazardous sector are able to carry out deep cleans. 

We offer 24/7 coronavirus (COVID-19) Service across Birmingham!

We carry out decontamination for: 

  • Buildings, Offices and shared work places

  • Commercial Properties 

  • Commercial Vehicles such as Buses & Coaches

  • Schools

Our Team of experts work closely with our clients time-frames. 

Modern Work Space

Step 1: Review of Property

Our Environmental Health experts will come to your property and analyse on the type of decontamination it needs. We will give you advice on whether a deep clean will be needed. 

Step 2: Decontamination Process

Our Decontamination team will carry out the process thoroughly. Regular checks will be made and UVA Light will be used in order to identify the areas which have been badly effected by bacteria. 

1. Areas will be sprayed with Anti-Bacterial Agents.

2. Surfaces will be wiped down with latest anti-bacterial technology. 

3. Identification of Bacterial Areas via UVA Technology.

Image by Rich Smith

Step 3: Area Check

Identification of Bacterial Areas via UVA Technology. We ensure that the clean is done to a high standards so there is a reduced risk of infection.

Untitled design.png

Step 4: Certificate Issued

The Certificate will be issued by our environmental health consultant once the decontamination process has been completed. 

The certificate will give you accreditation that your commercial property is safe for your work force and visitors.


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